Richie Patterson - Olympian Ambassador

Olympian Visits our school...

Richie Patterson is really determined.
The Olympic values are respect, friendship and excellence.
In 23 years of weight lifting he earnt a gold medal and a silver medal.
He wrote down what he wanted to achieve and his mentor made him shout it out so that he would believe in himself.
He failed many times but learnt from his mistakes.
He tried a lot of different sports to see what he liked.
He doesn't think of excellence as winning the gold medal but rather what it took for him to win the gold medal.
He has lifted 195 kgs!
He almost lifted 200kgs, he got it over his head but it fell back.
He worked really hard to achieve his goals.
He grew p on a diary farm. He told us to put our hands behind our backs and look up when we are feeling sad.
The first thing you learn in weightlifting is how to do it safely.